kitHAUS designs and delivers modernist pre-fab modules that transform open spaces into anything-you-want hubs –– yoga studios, home offices, weekend retreats, pop-up kiosks, guest rooms, reality-escape pods. You dream it. We build it –– custom-configured, on site, in days, tie-grid or off-grid. We pre-engineer at our factory, then transport the bundled-up kit to even the trickiest spot without heavy equipment thanks to a patented lightweight construction system. In 2005, kitHAUS set out to reinvent the world of pre-fab. A decade later, we’re still revolutionizing it.

What sets kitHAUS apart besides looks? It’s tricky to narrow it down, but we’ll do our best:

  • A strong yet lightweight patented M.H.S. aluminum construction system that’s impervious to rust, termites and mold. Plus, it never needs painting.
  • Can be site-constructed in days without use of heavy equipment. All parts and pieces are pre-cut, marked and drilled at our factory in Southern California, then assembled at the location. Think erector set, only bigger.
  • Superior energy efficiency thanks to structurally insulated floors, walls and ceilings, and high quality dual glazed windows and doors –– standard features on all kitHAUS’s.

The brainchild of designers and co-founders Tom Sandonato and Martin Wehmann, kitHAUS popped onto the scene in 2005, and has been shaking it up ever since.  These days, Tom leads the team which includes senior designer Will Zemba along with Gabriel Ramirez, Jose Luis Mijares and Courtney Tesh. In addition, kitHAUS regularly collaborates with a host of architectural and design professionals to help them realize their visions.

How do I buy one?

It’s easy. Simply tell us what you want, including accessories, and we’ll prepare a quote. Our terms are 50% down and 50% at time of delivery. Shipment of your kitHAUS typically takes about 6-8 weeks from the time of deposit to delivery. Modules are fabricated in our factory in Southern California and then shipped flat to your location. Shipping charges are based on common carrier costs from Southern California and are included in your final quotation. On request, k3 modules can be pre-assembled and then transported to your site via a flat bed truck.

Is financing available?

Most old-school lenders will not finance prefabs because they view them as “temporary” housing. Enter Earnest, a new kind of lender in San Francisco that offers low-interest, fixed rate personal loans to financially responsible people who are interested in purchasing a kitHAUS. More information here

Do I need a building permit?

The short answer is it depends. For example, our k3 module comes in under 120 square feet, a size that is typically exempt from permits in most municipalities. To see if that’s true in your neck of the woods, we recommend you contact your local building department and ask about permits regarding “accessory structures”.  For a fee, kitHAUS will assist you in applying for a permit and supply all the necessary plans and calculations for Building Department submittal.

Do I need a foundation?

In most cases, no. But a lot depends on where you plan to locate your kitHAUS. If your site is relatively flat and sits on firm soil, then our steel adjustable bases should suffice. However, every site is different. We can help determine foundation requirements on a project basis. If you’re located in Southern California (our home base) we can arrange a site visit. If you’re further away, you can send us detailed photos of the area, which will help determine whether or not a foundation is needed.

Can I build a kitHAUS on my own?

Yes, with a caveat. While we don’t doubt your ability to build (honest), we recommend that our expert installers do the work for you at a very reasonable fee. Our proprietary M.H.S. construction system does require specific tools and know-how to assemble correctly and efficiently with full warranty protection. If you do choose to build your module yourself, we can supply detailed plans along with phone and online support. You may also hire one of our techs to assist you on your job site. Installing a k3 typically takes about three days to complete. k4 – k6 installations take closer to a week, not including plumbing and electrical hook-ups.

Are kitHAUS’s insulated?

Yes, extremely well insulated. kitHAUS utilizes SIP technology (Structurally Insulated Panels). SIP’s are utilized in floors, walls and ceilings. High-quality, energy efficient dual-glazed low-emissivity windows and doors are standard on all kitHAUS modules.

What about electrical and plumbing?

kitHAUS modules come pre-wired with switched, overhead bathroom wall mount and exterior lighting, depending on the model.  Duplex outlets and GFI outlets for wet locations are standard along with data port connections. LED lighting is available as an upgrade. We can also supply a mini-split HVAC system sized to your module. Solar options are also available. Our k3+ – k6 can be out-fitted with a full bathroom. We supply the fixtures and internal pipes and your plumber makes the connections.

What’s so unique about the kitHAUS system?

kitHAUS is licensed to use the M.H.S. modular construction technologies. Our system consists of a proprietary construction method that utilizes lightweight rigid extruded aluminum posts and beams that connect to one another by a revolutionary locking system that eliminates conventional fastening methods. Instead of traditional framing, the kitHAUS aluminum frame simply bolts together and accepts a variety of substrate infill panels. The M.H.S. system’s four-sided aluminum profile not only makes it possible to link modules together, it allows you to disassemble it, then reassemble it, in another location.

What about earthquakes and snow loads? Is it waterproof?

Every location and installation is unique. Codes are based upon IBC (International Building Code). The
 wind load is 120 MPH. The 
snow load is 85 lbs per square ft. 
The seismic load is greater than 300 lbs per linear ft.
 And, finally, yes, each kitHAUS module is protected with a premium waterproof membrane.

What’s the warranty?

kitHAUS provides a three year limited warranty on all modules. We cannot cover material appearance due to weather and forces of nature, acts of God, or failure to install a kitHAUS module properly. Broken glass, locks, screens and the like are also exempt from this warranty, as is damage due to theft. Our specific warranty is available upon request.

But wait! What if I have more questions?

Not to worry. We’re happy to answer any and all questions. Shoot us an email or give us a call. Thanks for your interest!


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